Our Terms and conditions along with our “work / labour and materials warranty”

1. Contracting Services: Contractor agrees to complete the project in a good and workmanlike manner, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement, and subject to compliance by customer with their obligations under this Agreement.

2. Payment: Customer agrees to pay the deposit upon execution of this agreement and follow the payment terms throughout the project. A lien will automatically be filed 30 days after substantial completion.

3. Customer’s Obligations: Customer agrees as follows:
a) To select any and all materials and other selections as contractor may request forthwith upon Contractor’s request;
b) All extras will be charged at $135.00 per hour plus materials;
c) All fixtures supplied by other parties must be checked for damage prior to installation;
d) All fixtures that are not supplied by Contractor are the responsibility of the supplier;
e) All fixtures that are not supplied by Contractor must be on site before Contractor responsibilities are completed or the installation of the item will be charged as an extra;
f) All costs or charges from RMOW, BC HYDRO AND TERASEN GAS associated with the above contracted work is the responsibility of the customer;
g) All freight costs are the responsibility of the customer;
h) All work on existing plumbing required by inspectors is extra and the responsibility of the Customer;

4. Warranty by Contractor: Contractor warrants that all work will be completed in a good and workmanlike manner, free in defects in workmanship for a period of one (1) year. Materials will benefit from the manufactures warranty as it applies to related materials. Customer’s sole remedy in the event that Contractor breaches the Warranty is to require Contractor to repair, or at Contractor’s sole option, replace any defective workmanship or materials. This warranty is the sole warranty provided by Contractor and replaces any warranty, express or implied, in law or equity.

5. Limitations on Liability: Contractor’s liability for any losses or damages suffered or incurred by Customer as a result of performance by Contractor of its obligations under this Agreement shall be limited to the amount paid by Customer under this Agreement. Under no circumstances shall Contractor be liable for any damages caused to Customer by reason of any delay in commencement or completion of the Project, whether within or outside Contractor’s control.