Quentin was a joy to deal with and had our hot water tank installed quickly and cleanly. I appreciated his communicating of the issues and his solutions. I have used Spearhead several times for 2 different units and as someone who is not always on site it is great knowing that from the people who answer the phone to the people who do the work they are competent and the price transparent. Thanks!
— Mark Townsend
In the past few weeks I had to contact Spearhead Plumbing not only for a pipe/water back up issue with one of our company site locations, but also for a gas problem that made all of our gas appliances in another location stop working. With both calls that I made, the representative that I spoke to was helpful, polite, and sent someone out to us the same day quickly. It’s really hard to find good contractors that care up here in Whistler, and we were super lucky that they were able to provide us with plumbing and gas assistance the same day for two different locations. With both issues the technicians that were sent out fixed our issues right away. I also had to call back to work out accounting details and everyone that works here is so friendly and awesome to work with. If you ever need to contact a plumber or have an issue with your gas system these folks can help you out.
— Berneta Asato
I needed a plumber short notice on a renovation in Whistler. Not being from here I didn’t know who to call so I went to Google. Spearhead Plumbing and Heating had good reviews so I gave them a call. I told them I was turning the house over at the end of the week so I needed someone asap. I got a call first thing in the morning from a service tech named Jake and he said he could arrive in ten minutes if that worked for me. He hooked up two new vanities, installed a new waste and overflow on a tub and changed out some leaking shut offs. He was very professional and completed these tasks in a timely manor.
I’m going to leave Spearheads contact info with my client and if I ever need a plumber again in Whistler I’m calling for Jake at Spearhead Plumbing.
— Tom Searle
Quentin was a great help on our washroom project at Earls in Whistler and I would be happy to see him on future calls. He’s professional, efficient and informative. I’d recommend him for anyone looking for solid plumbing work with a great attitude to go with!
— Kevin Wallace